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Free and Open Source Software Applications (FOSS)
Posters on computer safety

Free and Open Source Software Applications (FOSS)

This section contains all the applications used in the Computer Masti books. The applications are categorized into two sections — Windows and Android. Download the applications for your operating system.

This page also contains the NextMentor and the NextBooks apps.

NextMentor is a perfect companion for teachers. It contains teacher manuals, question banks and answer keys to worksheets in the books.

NextBooks makes learning so much fun for students. It contains interactive digital books using which students can learn from anywhere and at anytime.

S.NO Name Select
2 Notepad DOWNLOAD
3 Coloring Book For Kids DOWNLOAD
4 Microsoft Word DOWNLOAD
5 File Manager DOWNLOAD
6 Microsoft Excel DOWNLOAD
7 Snapseed DOWNLOAD
8 Microsoft Powerpoint DOWNLOAD
9 PortoDB Database DOWNLOAD
10 SimpleMind DOWNLOAD
11 Earth 3D DOWNLOAD
12 Word Type Go DOWNLOAD
S.NO Name Select
1 NextBooks DOWNLOAD
2 NextMentor DOWNLOAD

Posters on computer safety

Make your computer lab, classroom and study room colourful and informative. Download the posters here in A2, A3 or A4 sizes.

Need help with the size differences? Click here.

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